I absolutely live for design. I am a DC based web, graphic & user interface designer. I am also a web developer & 508 expert. I have loved web design & development since the dawn of the Internet, & have spent my career creating beautiful, sleek, sexy & highly functional web designs & applications. I get my hands dirty with everything including product conceptualization & management. I am dedicated to delivering elegant designs & code, with fast page load times & SEO. I always comply with current web standards, & just for kicks, I'll throw in a little Flash. If you are looking for help with your web needs, get in touch!
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User Interface and Visual Web Designer, Web Developer, and Application Programmer - all in one sleek package
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Purejoy Fellowship
Chase Sapphire
Poppa Blog
Good Shepherd Alliance
Carrolltown Family Vision
Shadows Retreat
USER INTERFACE DESIGN: Creating functional user friendly sites for all individuals both web savvy & non-web savvy. My UI designs always follow a process from requirements to detailed wireframes & storyboards.
WEB / APP / MOBILE DESIGN: Communicating a vision & identifying you through branding, content, photography, graphic designs, illustrations, & IA. I take a fresh approach at creating current designs with a cohesive vision.
WEB DEVELOPMENT: Programming & creating the framework & foundation of any application or website. I develop all products using the latest in technology & languages while abiding by the most current web standards.